Signs that you are the primary caretaker in your household

  1. You are the only person in the world who can accurately sort your children’s socks.
  2. You have difficulty scheduling a shower.
  3. On any given day, you can report how many times each kid has pooped.
  4. You know how to fold the stroller so that it fits in the trunk.
  5. When your partner approaches the baby, he screams “No!” *
  6. When you leave your partner in charge of the kids, you feel a need to explain what’s available for them to eat.
  7. You use the phrase “leaving my partner in charge of the kids”; for your partner, the term is just “leaving.” **

*True story: When Kellie watches Stump, she usually takes him on a long walk in the stroller. The other day, Stump was looking out the kitchen window and he spotted Kellie taking the stroller out of the garage. He shook his head emphatically and cried “No! No! No!”

**Note: Should Kellie ever decide to start a blog, she could easily write a similar list about being the primary home maintainer. I have no idea how to change the line in a weed wacker and I haven’t mowed the lawn once since our first son was born.

I’m sure this list could be longer. What did I forget?