Elsewhere on the Web

Below are a few links to essays I’ve published elsewhere.

On our attempt at living in wilderness (in Literary Mama):


On a strange phenomenon I’ll call “Pregnant while Lesbian” (in Brain, Child):


Essay on sourcing sperm and infertility in Mutha Magazine:


Essay on gender and parenting in Brain, Child:


Essay about becoming a family in Mutha Magazine:


Essay about my older son’s transition into being a big brother, in Brain, Child:


Essay about pregnancy, in Seatle City Arts:


3 thoughts on “Elsewhere on the Web

  1. Hello. I am following the 201 challenge. I am trying to make my pages area connect to my posts, or have links to post I write, like you have here. I am wondering if you can lend me advice on this, or how you did it. Do yo just go to the page and edit it when you want to add to it?? http://www.cdibbs.wordpress.com


    1. Here’s how I did it: On the “elsewhere on the web” page, I just created a new page and inserted the links. On the pages where I link to other blog posts, I used a feature that allows to to create a new page by category. I had to work backwards a little bit. I had a few posts that I had categorized as “food” but I wanted the page to be titles “What’s for dinner?” so I erased my “food category” and went back through those posts and re-categorized them. Then I used the “menus” section under “appearance” to create a page. Here’s a link I used: http://en.support.wordpress.com/category-pages/


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