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At Goodnight Already, we love our kids. We love other things too like sleep and movie binges, good books, long runs, IPA, perfect avocados, and dessert. We believe in the following paradox: that self care is essential to good parenting; that self care while parenting often feels impossible. We are suspicious of most parenting advice, yet sometimes we find ourselves offering it. We believe in allowing our children to witness all of our failures, quirks, and shortcomings so that they can grow up to be imperfect just like us.

You can contact Goodnight Already blogger Jennifer Berney by email: JLBerney at gmail.com, or on Twitter @JennBerney


15 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Great blog! Love your writing style! So glad to have found you and I look forward to reading more of your memoirs!


  2. Hey 🙂 your blog is very cute I loved it! I’m an italian girl with an italian blog 🙂 if you want take a look at mine and I would be happy if we can follow each Others! talk to u soon 🙂 bye


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